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Basset Hounds - Choosing a Reputable Breeder

One the most effective ways of determining a responsible breeder of Basset Hounds is asking for physical proof of the dogs' high quality. Ask the breeder to show you pedigrees of the dogs. This document should contain the name of the breed, the description of the dog, its relatives, and their titles, if they have any.
 Basset Hounds - Pictures
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All Bassets Cherished
Try to contact local breed clubs for information about breeders. Many professional breeders plan their litters and have long waiting lists. So, you are not likely to find their Basset Hounds in ads.

Educate yourself about the breed. Try to determine what personality the dog has and its needs. Decide if you can supply all the necessary care for the Basset Hound. Keep in mind that the breed suffers from hip and eye problems. It is recommended to buy puppies from OFA and CERF certified dogs. Ask breeders about the health disorders Basset Hounds are prone to. Acquire information on bloat, bleeding seizures, luxating patella, and other aspects of Basset Hound health. The National breed club, the Basset Hound Club of America, encourages breeders to screen their dogs to decrease the rate of inherited diseases in the breed. Besides tests for hip dysplasia and eye disorders, Basset Hounds should be exposed to von Willebrand's factor antigen testing, thyroid testing, and temperament evaluation.

Basset Hounds - Breeders Links

Basset Hounds - Breeders Links - US

 Basset Hounds - Pictures
Picture source:
Mid America Basset Rescue

Basset Rescue of the Old Dominion - Places homeless Basset Hounds in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Bentley Street Bassets - Breeders offer info on their males/females, pedigrees, guarantees, and puppies. MI.

Bobac Basset Hounds - Breeders of Bassets for more than 20 years. The site is regularly updated. Texas.

Briarcliff Bassets - Breeding Bassets since 1996. Located in OH.

Chasan Bassets - Stud dogs, future breedings, and available puppies. Louisiana.

Double K Bassets - Basset breeder in Liberty Center, OH. Kennel and breed history, litter announcements, photos and care tips.

Tait's Bassets - Quality puppies since 1960. Bred for temperament, soundness and health. AKC. Central PA. Much information, pictures, contact details at web site.

The Daily Drool - Site for Bassets and their people. Breed information, message board, and Basset Hound related items for sale.

Basset Hounds - Breeders Links - international

 Basset Hounds - Pictures
Picture source:
Bradleys Basset Hounds

Barrenger Basset Hounds - One of England's top winning Basset Hound kennels. Founded in 1968. Pictures, and details.

Basset Hound Breeders - A huge list of breeders all over the world.

Basset Hound du Haras de la Vergne - Basset Hound kennel in France. Kennel history, litter announcements and photos. Site is translated into several languages.

Bellecombe Bassets - Breeders of Basset Hounds with characteristics of the breed and pictures. Switzerland.

Canilkaiserland - Breeders of Basset Hounds with the breed information, their males and females, a photo gallery, and hall of fame. Brazil.

Champdog's Basset Hound Breeders Showcase - From here you can quickly access all of the commonly requested information about Basset Hounds including breeder referrals.

Del Hacedor - Standard, info on their stud dogs, puppies. Argentina.

Hounds vom Vorster Wald - Advice on breeding and upkeep of Bassets from a German breeder.

Kennel Benoit - On Kennel Benoit's web site you can see some pictures and get some information about the inhabitants of Marke old Mill.

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The ohio basset hound rescue club will usually have a picture of any available puppy.

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